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Did you know that as a pianist, you are also an athlete? Musicians are athletes that use their smaller muscles. There are physical therapists specially trained to work with musicians. The physical issues musicians encounter throughout their years of playing are unique to being this type of an athlete.

Warming up is something we normally think of doing before a physical workout, such as running. Stretching our muscles and all of those connective ligaments and tendons help us to prevent injury during our workout and serve to allow our bodies to wake up a bit before putting so many demands on it.

It’s the same with practicing the piano or any other instrument. Taking the time to warm-up before you start practicing the piano will enable you to play better, not hurt from straining your hands or wrists, and give you a feeling of connectedness to the piano before you really start to practice difficult passages.

Over the years I’ve developed a beneficial process of what I use to warm up with before I start practicing or playing. Following this routine will take you through a step-by-step plan. After you try doing this yourself for several weeks, you’ll know it from memory and can adapt it to what you are working on at any time.

Here is my preferred piano warm-up routine!

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