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Piano Lessons in SW Florida

Every parent wants the best for their children and in terms of music, this often means “MusiKidz” method lessons. I teach in-person lessons from my personal home and in-person lessons at your personal home. I also teach online lessons by webcam sessions.


If you don’t have access to a local teacher, you can do lessons with me from your home. You can watch the pre-recorded video lessons, take individual lessons with me via webcam and upload videos of your playing so I can send you suggestions and feedback through Zoom.

Learning to play a musical instrument takes time. Your involvement in your child’s music practice greatly increases their chances of success. You need no previous experience to guide your child through their lessons. My goal is not just to enable your child to learn music, but also support you in your role as their guide.


MusiKidz Piano Studio lessons don’t just involve learning the notes. Like any normal music lesson, my method involves refining posture and tone so that the students can play or sing music beautifully. MusiKidz Piano Studio uses a holistic approach that helps children develop many life skills through music.


Through this website, I want to make MusiKidz Piano Studio music lessons accessible to more people, with the convenience of time and location flexibility.

Voice Lessons in SW Florida
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