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Start With Scales And Arpeggios

  • It’s ok if you don’t know all of your scales and arpeggios because this warm-up time gives you the perfect time to practice and learn them better each day. A great goal for learning your scales and arpeggios is to do a new/different one each day. Try starting with C major.

  • Move up chronologically in order as you move through a new scale each day. You can move through the cycle of 5ths, which will add one additional sharp as you move up the cycle. To make practicing your scales more challenging, try practicing scales and arpeggios while moving in half steps.

  • Play as many octaves as you can of a new scale/arpeggio every day moving up to 4 octaves of the same scale and arpeggio, at a time.

  • Go through this sequence of a new scale/arpeggio every day until you arrive back at C.

  • Next, you need to play through your minor scales and arpeggios the same way. Start with the harmonic minor first, then you can add the natural and melodic minor last. Be a jazz pianist and never flatten the 6th or 7th degree while playing the melodic minor. LOL!


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